Mary J. Johnson    9/6/1911        23 yrs 15 days    Tuberleaesus    Father: Ira  Mother: Margaret    Housekeeper
Lesley W.Moore        12/13/1911    2 mths 7 days            
Alice Vincent     12/27/1911        42 yrs    Heart Affection    Father and mother surnames: Willingtion    Housewife
Andrew King    4/23/1913        7 yrs 5 mths 20 days    Urema following Scarlet Fever        
Elijah P. Johnson    11/1/1913        25 years 11 mths 7 days    Pneumonia    Father: Ira Johnson  Mother: Maggie Applegate    Farm Laborer
Katherine Potts    1/16/1914        40 yrs    Pistol shot wound resulted in Hemorrhages, at home    Father: Joseph Smith  Mother: Jane    
Mary F. Watson    2/7/1914        78 yrs    Third degree Burns on Most of Body    Father: Benjamin Welling  Mother: Harriet    
Joseph Ely    12/19/1913        3 mths 8 days    Whooping Cough    Father: Isaac  Mother: Gianetadunn    Middle Name Vincent
James Ely    4/4/1914        3 mths 15 days    Whooping Cough    Father: Isaac  Mother: Gianetadunn    Middle Name Herbert
Mary Bunn        4/18/1914    81 yrs            
Addie Jordan    5/22/1914        15 mths    Pneumonia    Father: Henry Jordon  Mother: Lena Newman    
Joseph G. Seruby    8/1/1914    8/4/1914    68 yrs (67 yrs)    Parylysis    Father: Henry  Son: Archibald "Spader" Seruby    Laborer, Civil War Veteran, Company D 24th Regiment
Edith Wortenberry    8/23/1914                    
Harvey Johnson    2/25/2015                    
Grace M. Rots        7/20/1915                
Ellen Inez Waller    11/25/1915        5 mths 19 days    Pneumonia duration 4 days    Father: Dellie  Mother: Ellen Klotz    Middle Name Inez
Mary Crews        12/5/1915                
Marjorie Craft        12/8/1915    15 years    Tuberculosis duration 2 months    Father: Alexander    
George Boldin    1916                Related to William H. Boyer    Company A 8th Regiment US Infantry
Lefrancis Leftwhich    10/11/1916        9 mths 26 days    Whooping Cough    Father: Albert  Mother: Patty Hearns    
Margaret Moore        9/26/1916