Samuel Alling                    Wife: Elizabeth Alling  Closely related to the original owners of the cemetery.    
Sam Montgomery                         Civil War Veteran
Nora and Fred Boyer                     Father & Mother to Shirley “Chip”, Chester “Chess”, & Fred “June” Boyer    Buried near Uncle George Blackwell
Ben and Lucy Dyer                    Brother to Spencer E. Abbott, Guardian to Dave Cane    Prosperous family who emigrated to Pennington from the South
Roxanne Seruby                    Husband: Samuel Seruby Mother to Fairfax, Helen, Joseph Seruby, & Estelle Seruby Cane    
Amanda Driver Smith                    Sister to Hazel Driver Smith     
Hazel Driver Smith and Clarence Smith                    Mother and Father to Charlotte Smith Leysach  Clarence was a brother to Alphonso Smith